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What is a Migraine Cap?

Migraine cap is a device that helps you to get relief from migraines. It is a non-invasive and portable device that can be used at home.

Migraine cap is used for the treatment of migraine headaches, which are severe headaches. It uses electrical stimulation to treat the pain. The device is placed around your head, and it sends electric pulses that go around the scalp and into the brain. This helps to relieve pain in areas where you have a headache trigger point, such as in your neck or back.

Migraine cap

Migraine caps are an effective treatment because they not only provide relief from headache pain but also reduce nausea, dizziness and sensitivity to light or sound associated with migraines.

Migraine caps are made of soft foam and come in different sizes to fit your head comfortably. The cap should be worn for 15 minutes twice a day until you feel relief from your migraine symptoms.

The Benefits of Using Migraine Cap Include:

  • Helps to control your symptoms so that you can get relief from them
  • Allows you to have less frequent attacks of headaches
  • Relief from migraine pain
  • No side effects or drug interactions
  • Easy to use at home

For people who suffer from migraines, the pain can be debilitating. But what if there was a way to lessen your migraine symptoms?

Migraine cap is a device that uses special electrodes to deliver pulsed electrical stimulation (PES) to your head and neck. The device helps relieve pain by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for sending messages from your face to your brain. The PES causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, which helps reduce blood flow through the arteries in your head. This reduces swelling and inflammation that causes headaches.

How does a Migraine Cap work?

The migraine cap works by sending electricity through a gel-filled pad on top of your head; this gel conducts electricity as it sinks into your scalp. When you press a button on the device, it sends a current through these pads for about 20 minutes at a time.

How to use a migraine cap?

Before you start using the migraine cap, you need to wash your head with water and dry it. Then comb your hair gently. The best time to use the migraine cap is in the morning or in the evening when you go to bed.

The migraine cap should be worn for 3 hours, but can be worn longer if needed.

The migraine cap should be placed on the head and held in place by an elastic band or other fastener so that it does not slide or fall off when the person who is wearing it moves around or changes their position while asleep.

Put the cap on your head, and adjust the size as needed. If you’re wearing glasses, put them on before adjusting the cap. Make sure the cap doesn’t slide off or become loose when you move around. If you need to make adjustments, pull on the strap to tighten it slightly then give it a few minutes for your scalp to warm up before trying again.

If necessary, use a mirror to help position the electrodes correctly on either side of your forehead (wherever they feel comfortable). Be sure that both electrodes are touching your skin and that they don’t fall off if you tilt your head back or forward or move around while wearing the cap. If they do fall off, gently press them back into place without moving them too far away from where they need to be positioned on your forehead (too close together or too far apart).

Put the cap on your head and adjust it until it fits comfortably.

Use the holes in the cap to secure it with a hair elastic or headband so that it stays on your head during use.

Plug your headphones into the jack on the back of the cap, then start playing music through your phone or computer—and relax!

Which factors should you consider before buying a migraine cap?

There are a few factors you should consider before buying a migraine cap. These include:

  • The size of the brim. A wide brim will provide more coverage for your eyes and help block out light.
  • The fabric. A light-weight fabric will be more comfortable to wear and will not add extra weight to your head, which can worsen headaches.
  • The fit. An adjustable fit will allow you to customize the fit of your migraine cap so that it is comfortable to wear.

Top 5 best migraine relief cap – migracap

1-ComfiTECH Migraine Ice Head Wrap, Ice Pack for Headache Relief, Cap for Tension, Puffy Eyes, Sinus Headache and Stress Relief Cold Compress

The ComfiTECH Migraine Ice Head Wrap is a new and improved ice pack for headaches, tension, puffy eyes, sinus headaches, and stress relief. The stretchable design is now available in two sizes to fit a variety of head sizes, and the upgraded form tailoring provides 20% more coverage area with a cutting-edge gel that soothes tension and pain. The ice pack can be worn over or pulled down to target specific areas, and the top of the wrap has a hole for your hair to be pulled through so that the coldness and pressure can reach your scalp directly. The ComfiTECH Migraine Ice Head Wrap is the best way to relieve pain and tension quickly and easily.

According to our review and research, this product is great for anyone looking to reduce migraines attack, headaches, as well as other pain from the head or face. It’s easy to use and can be used in any setting, even while doing daily activities. Read review in details here.

Click here to discover full reviews from buyers.


Key features:

  • The brand is Comfitech
  • The material is Spandex
  • The colors are: azure, blue, black, grey, purple, rose red
  • One size fit all

What we like:

  • Get relief from migraines with this 20% more coverage area ice pack
  • Enjoy the convenience of a one piece design
  • Dark color ice pack head wrap can block up light when relaxing

What we don’t like

  • The coolness starts to wear off about 20-30 minutes after wearing it out of the freezer.

2-The Magic Gel Headache and Migraine Relief Cap

The Magic Gel Headache and Migraine Relief Cap is made from medical grade liquid gel and with a premium PVC cover, the cap can be worn over the temples or as an ice mask covering the whole face. You can also arrange the ice packs behind the ears, under the eyes and around the sinuses whenever you need to. The patented headache cap is totally reusable for up to 300 cycles and stretches to fit most head shapes for a comfortable experience.

This cap had over 16,000 ratings on Amazon UK and received positive review from buyer. Click here to see detail review

Key features:

  • The size is: medium,  with one size that fits “most”, if there are any uncomfortable, it can be return and refund
  • The material is: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • The color is: purple

What we like:

  • Get relief from tension headaches and migraines.
  • The cap is made from medical grade liquid gel and PVC cover, meaning it’s durable and can be reused multiple times.
  • Customizable to fit most head shapes

What we don’t like:

  • When the gel gets cold, it becomes almost solid and dug into the head a bit. But once let them thaw out until they are malleable enough to wear without hurting.
  • The cap has a chemical smell when opening the box at the first time, after that, the smell will be weaker and it will not be able to notice it anymore.

3-TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache / Migraine Relief Hat, Cold Therapy Migraine Relief Cap

If you’re looking for a natural, easy-to-use remedy for headaches and migraines, look no further than the TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache / Migraine Relief Hat. This slip-on design cold pack provides 360° of cooling relief while you rest comfortably, for faster recovery. Simply freeze in the included zip bag for 2 hours between uses. The thick gel and dark color make it perfect for headaches and migraines, and it’s safe for daily use. So don’t let a headache or migraine slow you down – be prepared with the TheraICE Rx Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache / Migraine Relief Hat.

Key features:

  • The size is: free size
  • Material: gel
  • The colors are: pink, black

What we like:

  • Get relief from headaches and migraines.
  • Cap is one size fits all.
  • Flexible ice pack cap provides 360° natural cooling migraine & headache relief therapy while resting comfortably for faster recovery.
  • Simply freeze in the included zip bag for 2 hours between uses.
  • Get relief from headaches and other head pain with this natural product. It can also help you fight stress, decrease sinus pressure in your face or eyesight problems.

What we don’t like:

  • The coldness does not last very long.
  • It was a little cold coming out of the freezer but it just took a couple minutes to get to the perfect temperature.

4-The Headache Hat: The Original Headache Hat for Migraine Relief, Adjustable, Comfortable, Target Your Pain Points with This Patented Migraine Relief Cap | USA Assembly

The Headache Hat is a versatile and easy-to-use product that provides long-lasting cooling relief for up to 2 hours. This lightweight migraine head wrap can be worn like a hat, pulled down over your eyes, wrapped around your neck and shoulders, or used on other body aches and pains. The Headache Hat includes a convenient freezer storage bag and is perfect for intense, debilitating pain. With its long-lasting ice packs, there are no leaks, and once it warms on one side, simply flip it to the other for continued cooling relief.

Key features:

  • The brand is Headache hat
  • The color is: black
  • The material is Spandex
  • The weight is 1.05 pound, approximately

What we like:

  • Get relief from tension headaches, stress, eye strain, sinus pressure and more.
  • Target your pain with 24 long lasting individual ice packets.
  • Wear the head wrap like a hat, pulled down over your eyes, wrapped around your neck and shoulders, or used on other body aches and pains.

What we don’t like:

  • Only have one color


5-Migraine Gel Ice Hat by FOMI Care | Cooling Headache Pack | Wearable Cold Therapy Wrap for Tension, Sinus, Pressure Pain Relief | Stress Reliever | Freezable

The Migraine Gel Ice Hat by FOMI Care can help! This cooling gel hat provides instant relief and long-lasting comfort for all the pain points on your head. Simply remove the gel packs and place them in the freezer to enjoy hours of cold therapy. The hat is made from lightweight, fleecy material that is machine washable for easy care. For top of head coverage, see our full head coverage ice hat.

Key features:

  • The brand is FOMI
  • The material is nylon
  • The color is grey
  • The size: only one size, exact and comfortable fit
  • Therapy: hot and cold

What we like:

  •  Get relief from tension headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure.
  • The hat is lightweight and machine washable.
  • Comes with 3 removable and reusable liquid gel nylon pack inserts.

What we don’t like:

  • No ice packs on top of the head.


Migraine caps are a great way to manage your migraines. Here are some questions that you might have when using a migraine cap:

Q: What is a migraine cap?

A: A migraine cap is a headgear which covers your whole head and helps you to reduce pain during a migraine attack. It blocks all light and sound waves from reaching your brain which helps in reducing pain during headache attacks.

Q: Can I wear this while sleeping?

A: Yes, you can wear this while sleeping as well but make sure that it’s not too tight or loose on your head so that it doesn’t fall off while sleeping.

Q: Can I wear a migraine cap all day?

A: No, you should only wear the migraine cap for 15-20 minutes at a time. If you experience any discomfort, remove the device and speak with your doctor.

Q: Are there any side effects associated with migraine caps?

A: There are no known side effects associated with this device. However, as with any new treatment, it is always best to speak with your doctor before using a migraine cap.

Q: What should I do if my cap doesn’t fit?

A: If your migraine cap doesn’t fit, you should make sure that it’s been fully cleaned and dried before you wear it. You can also try wearing a different cap or using a different material for the cap.

Q: Can I wash my cap?

A: You can wash your cap with antibacterial soap and warm water, but only if it’s been dried for at least 24 hours beforehand. Do not use bleach or fabric softener on your cap.

Q: How often should I change my cap?

A: You should change your cap every 2-3 days to prevent bacteria from growing in your cap and making you sicker than usual. If you have severe migraines, you may need to change it more frequently than that. If you have milder migraines, you may be able to get away with changing it less often—but always follow the instructions in the packaging!

Q: How long does it take for the cap to work?

A: It depends on what kind of headgear you’re using! Most caps work within an hour or two of being put on; however, if you’ve

Q: What are some common mistakes when using a migraine cap?

A: When using a migraine cap, it is important to adjust the straps so that they are snug but comfortable. Additionally, the device should be worn for 15-20 minutes. If you experience any discomfort while wearing the migraine cap, remove the device and speak with your doctor.


Migraine caps are a type of headgear that can be used to treat the symptoms of migraine headaches. The cap is designed to fit over the head and help to hold in place any medication that is prescribed by a doctor. Migraine caps are typically worn for several hours at a time, and they’re available through prescription only.

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